Privacy Statement

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, the “AVG”, came into force. It is the Dutch implementation of the European directive General Data Protection Regulation. This law replaces the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WBP) and aims to better protect EU citizens against data breaches and privacy violations. The law stipulates, among other things, how companies and organisations should deal with their customers’ data.

On this page, we explain how Lekkernassûh handles its participants’ data, why and how you can request to be “forgotten”.

Since 1 July 2020, we have been working with a new system for participant management, the cash register and, in the future, for purchasing and stock. It is called Romanesco 2.0. It is based exclusively on open source software of WordPress, OSPOS, Libtables and in the future also PHPList.

We keep track of

  • First name(s)
  • Insertion(s)
  • Surname(s)
  • E-mail address
  • Postal Code
  • The number of packages ordered per week
  • Pick-up location
  • Whether your subscription is, and was, on ACTIVE or PAUSE.
  • The selling of packages, linked to the participant’s name.
  • The selling of other products, usually also, but not necessarily linked to the participant’s name.

How do we save it
In the database of our Dutch website host Oxilion.

Why we keep track of it

  • First name(s) / Insertion(s) / Last name(s)
    > To be able to purchase vegetable packets for the participants.
  • E-mail address
    > To be able to communicate with participants
    • We send an e-mail to all participants once a week
    • and once a week to participants who have an ACTIVE subscription.
    • And very occasionally separate e-mails.
  • Postal Code
    > Only to be able to see at a glance whether registrations are spam.
  • The number of packages ordered by participants.
    > To purchase the right number of packages.
  • We keep track of ACTIVE/PAUSE per week.
    > To put the participant’s subscription on PAUSE when his/her packages were not collected for 3 consecutive weeks.
    > To be able to show the uncollected profiles on the participant profile.
  • Whether your subscription is on ACTIVE or PAUSE.
    > Also to buy the right number of packages.
  • Pickup Location
    > To know where we should offer the packets.

What happens every week on Sunday at 20:00
A snapshot is taken every week at 20:00h. and a table entitled “Orders” records whether participants’ subscriptions are on ACTIVE or PAUSE. This enables us to determine the correct purchase numbers and delivery location.

What happens at the market each week
At the market, the participant is asked to give his/her name and this name is looked up. The cashier can now see whether or not this participant has ordered a parcel on Sunday evening. The packet is paid for in the participant’s name. The participant can buy more products. These will also be paid for in the participant’s name. If the participant wants to buy them anonymously, he/she can do so too: he/she pays for the package in his/her name, and can then buy the other products anonymously. The participant can ask for an e-mail containing the receipt of the sale. (Provided that the purchase was made in the participant’s name). This is sent directly from Oxilion‘s website/mail server to the participant’s e-mail address.

The participant administrator
The participant administrator and IT developers have access to all data. The participant administrator helps participants with questions about and problems with their profile, helps other coworkers with their specific account in Romanesco 2.0 and explains, trains, supports and solves problems. If the participant manager has contact with a participant via e-mail, the e-mail address of the participant is stored in the address book. Sent mails are also stored in the sent items of the participant administrator.

The package mail sender
The package mail sender sends e-mails to participants twice a week. On Friday to all Lekkernassûh participants and on Tuesday to all participants with an ACTIVE subscription. The package mail sender has access to the area in Romanesco 2.0 where the e-mail addresses are located. In a mailing via the web-mail program of Greenhost, these e-mail addresses are included as BCC.

The cashier
Cashiers can look up the names of participants to check whether their subscription is on ACTIVE for a particular market location. They then sell this participant a vegetable package and optionally other products. (The other products can also be sold to this person anonymously, just like to other visitors).

In this statement we do not publish the way in which our information resources are secured, as this makes abuse easier. You can ask the webmaster or IT developers about this.

Unsubscribe. The right to be forgotten
If the participant wishes to unsubscribe, he/she goes to This link is also shared on the participant profile and at the bottom of the weekly emails.
From that form an e-mail is sent to the participant administrator, who then manually removes the registration record of this participant from the database and confirms it to the participant by e-mail. All personal data of the participant will be deleted. The name is replaced by a sequentially meaningless number, and only the sales information remains linked to that number. This enables us to look up the correct sales figures at the end of a period. No information is left behind that would make it possible to de-anonymise the number. The information you give us obligation-free about why you unsubscribe is used to thank and greet you in a personal way and, of course, to improve our services.

Sales data are sometimes used for research for or statistics on Lekkernassûh, but only in a completely anonymous form.