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Purchasing is done like this

How does it actually work, purchasing, at Lekkernassûh? How are the vegetable packages put together? Our purchasing team is busy selecting delicious vegetables for you every week. The responsibilities rotate every two weeks within the team of four co-workers. Here they tell you how they do it.


One of our purchasers says

Regular suppliers
We have two regular suppliers from whom we buy a large part of the vegetables: Hoeve Biesland in Delfgauw and Landzicht Biologisch in Strijen. These suppliers provide the link between us and the regional network. They transport both for themselves and for other farmers, which keeps the CO2 footprint by transport as low as possible.
The supply depends on the season: in spring, for example, we mostly have leek, turnip greens and radishes. In the summer months we add beet, endive and spinach and towards the autumn we move on to cabbages and tubers, celeriac, kohlrabi and pumpkins. We are therefore dependent on what is being grown in the region around The Hague at any given time.
In addition, of course, we also look at the price. We want a fair price for the participants of Lekkernassûh and for our farmers. Some products are often more expensive and we can only offer them occasionally in the package, such as cauliflower and French beans. It is also possible that the farmer has a harvest that does not meet the standard, such as a different shape, a product that is too small or a spot here and there (for example, the crooked cucumbers and small peppers). These products are normally thrown away or sold at an unfair price for the farmer. So food waste, but the taste and nutritional value is not less. We therefore purchase these vegetables at an acceptable price for inclusion in our package.

Other suppliers
In addition to our two main suppliers, there are also local farmers throughout the region from whom we buy from time to time. For example Kievit, Pluk, Framblij and the Bramenhorst. These farmers and growers only grow a limited number of vegetables and therefore can only offer something in the period that the vegetables are harvested. The quantities that we want to buy are sometimes already too much for these farmers to supply. If that is the case, we purchase for example for 200 packages and supplement the other 200 packages with another vegetable.

The order and delivery
On Friday, we make a preliminary order to the farmers based on the supply for the coming week. On Monday morning before noon, we have to pass on the final numbers to the farmers based on the reservations of our participants (that is why you have to register for your package before 20:00h. on Sunday). This way we can still adjust the composition of the package, for example if there is too little of a certain product.

Harvest shares
Lekkernassûh has harvest shares with De Groenteboerin, a foundation that grows organic vegetables on a piece of land at Hoeve Biesland. This is how our harvest shares work: we agree with the farmer what type and how many vegetables we would like to purchase throughout the year. A harvest plan is then drawn up by the farmer, so that between 1 and 3 vegetables can be harvested from the land for a few weeks of the year. We then offer these in the package for the participants of Lekkernassûh.
Suppose that only 250 packages of chard are harvested, because the weather was not optimal or because of insects or birds. Then we buy the vegetables for 250 packages and we supplement this with other vegetables for 150 extra packages (in the week that we have 400 participants who buy the package). We can do that supplementation, for example, with chard from another supplier. And if that is not in stock, or too expensive, we can choose to supplement it with another product. This creates the ‘choice vegetable’ in the package.
We guarantee the farmer that we will buy the vegetables, so they can always sell them: there is no waste in the chain. The advantage for Lekkernassûh is that we are guaranteed beautiful vegetables in the package from a local, organic farmer we know, at a good price!
At Landzicht Biologisch we do not have any harvest shares. However, partly due to the large purchase of Lekkernassûh, they now have the opportunity to build an additional barn. This will be used for the storage and sorting of organic vegetables to be delivered to the customer.

Fresh and honest
And so every week the purchasing team puts together a beautiful vegetable package with delicious vegetables, fresh from the land and for a fair price for everyone.

22 december 2022

Foto door Eva Polakovicova
Foto door Eva Polakovicova
Foto door Eva Polakovicova

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