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Is communication easy for you, can you write good texts and do you enjoy spreading the ideals of Lekkernassûh! through various channels? Then we could really use your help in our communications team!

We are looking for a webdienst person. As a webdienst person, you will be responsible for a webdienst once every 3 to 6 weeks. You are responsible for all communication via our website (WordPress), our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram and send out two weekly emails to our participants to inform them about the package of the week (Friday and Tuesday). You write posts, share interesting articles that fit the vision of Lekkernassuh and answer questions from participants. The main goal is to inform our network and share the ideology of Lekkernassuh: To make healthy and locally produced food accessible for the region of The Hague through the shortest possible chain.

We meet once a month and with some tasks you can earn timebanking hours. In this way, you can pay for your Lekkernassûh vegetable package, cheese and dried goods at the package free shop with time bank hours.

Does this appeal to you? Send us an email to to discuss the possibilities together.

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