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Would you like to form the purchasing team of Lekkernassuh together with others?

We are looking for enthusiastic employees of the purchasing team of Lekkernassuh.

Lekkernassûh is part of a transition program with the aim of making healthy, honest and tasty food accessible to everyone in the city. We work together with farmers and gardeners who live as close as possible to The Hague, from whom we sell fresh organic fruits and vegetables in the vegetable package every week. The vegetable package is sold at different locations at the fresh market.

Within our organization, values such as hospitality, care for each other and consideration for your environment are reflected in the way we work. Making food accessible is something you do together, in a way that suits the local community.

Job description

  • You will put together the vegetable package for that week, based on the suppliers’ supply lists.
  • You determine the quantity of vegetables to be ordered and pass on the orders.
  • You switch quickly and come up with creative solutions if, for example, certain vegetables cannot be delivered.
  • You inform our communication team what’s in the package of the week
  • You maintain good relations with the suppliers.
  • Together with your team members you analyze supply, demand and pricing; and you scout for possible new producers of fresh, organic and biodynamic fruits and vegetables from the region.


  • Accurate and process oriented
  • Feeling with the composition of vegetable packages
  • Independent, able to switch quickly and come up with solutions
  • Good collaborator and networker
  • Assertive and convincing
  • Integrative and social
  • Some commercial insight

What can you expect?

  • An environment where connection between people is key and is based on principles of self-organization.
  • A time commitment of 4 to 5 hours per week and you do 2 weeks of purchasing in a row. After that you are 4 to 6 weeks free. The time commitment is divided as follows: on Friday morning (fixed) you do a preliminary order for the market on Wednesday and you mail our communication team with the preliminary package and give them additional info about the veggies (0,5 hours approximately). On Sunday evening or Monday morning you send the final order to the suppliers (1 hour), on Tuesday you send an email to our communication team if something should change with the package (0,5 hour). In between you answer emails from members, have contact with new suppliers and check the invoices from the previous week (1 hour).
  • A payout in the form of time-bank hours (1 hour of work is 0.65 time-bank hour), which you can use to pay for your vegetable package (1.25 time-bank hour), buy cheese or dry goods, or use other services offered at

Interested? Please send an email with a short motivation and explanation of your background as soon as possible to You can also send your questions here.

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